Analog Circuit Works is a thriving semiconductor IP and design services company that lowers the cost and risk of developing systems-on-chip (SoCs) through reuse of their library of silicon-proven circuit blocks. To apply for the following positions, send your resume with a brief cover email to Careers AT AnalogCircuitWorks DOT com (principals only, please).

Senior Analog Circuit Design Engineer

Responsibilities involve design of analog integrated CMOS circuits, including low noise amplifiers, switched capacitor circuits, instrumentation amplifiers, signal conditioning with 100dB SNR, ADCs, DACs. Requirements include experience with layout of SoCs with many high accuracy circuit blocks. Familiarity with Mentor-Tanner schematic editor and simulation tools is desirable. Strong communication skills, rapid understanding of complicated specifications and high productivity is important. Background should include MSEE with 10+ years of experience in custom analog integrated circuit (PhD desirable).

Custom Analog Circuit Design Engineer

Design mixed-signal circuits with the support of an industry-leading team. BSEE with experience in custom analog integrated circuit design required, MSEE desirable. A strong candidate will have a broad range of design experience with SERDES (especially DDR, USB, MIPI), ADCs, DACs, amplifiers, wireless transceivers, synthesized logic, and layout in deep-submicron CMOS. Business development experience desirable. Skills: Cadence or equivalent EDA tool suite.

Digital Design Engineer

Develop Verilog RTL for System-on-Chip’s (SoCs), interfacing with processors and analog circuit blocks as well as implementing standard protocols including USB, DDR and MIPI. Create and verify behavioral Verilog models of analog circuits. MSEE with 5 years experience in RTL design and familiarity with transistor-level circuits and simulation required.

Marketing Engineer

Help define and execute strategic marketing plan, identify customers and build relationships. Develop datasheets, whitepapers and product documentation. BSEE, MBA and strong communication skills required, with a background in electronic circuits, semiconductor IP, and business development.