Analog Circuit Works is a premier provider of Systems on Chips (SoCs) and analog circuit IP. We work with our customers to design custom chips that integrate the analog electronics that interface to everything from actuators, sensors and imaging arrays to cables, antennas and backplanes. These highly integrated chips eliminate the need for most external components, greatly reducing electronics size, cost and power.

Founded in 2009 by Dr. Bill Ellersick, Analog Circuit Works focuses on developing IP for SoCs in mixed signal and advanced processes, filling gaps that are not met by other chip or IP vendors. Our proven ability to innovate and optimize for custom requirements lets us enable your team to gain advantage on competition that relies on large, expensive boards with off-the-shelf ICs.

The combination of our expert, motivated team and our partners in industry and academia is extraordinary. We would be happy to provide references and discuss how we can work with your team in more detail.